Past Competitions

11th Competition

  Grand Prize  
Hyoei Imai (Tokyo)
  Functional Section
First Prize
Jeff Nimeh (New York)
"From the Deep"
  Second Prize  
  Eko Sugiyama (Tokyo)  
  Third Prize  
  Akiko Iwasaki (Tokyo)  
  Tea Set  
  Non-Functional Section
First Prize
Koichi Iinuma (Tokyo)
"the dawn"
  Second Prize  
  Minkyu Lee (New York)  
  "Hidden Structure Revealed"  
  Third Prize  
  Tatsuya Tanaka (Tokyo)  
  Special Award
  Jay Strommen (New York)  
  "Vector Sculpture"  
  Honorable Mention
  Kim Lawrence (New York)  
  Bottle: Vessel  
  Yoshinao Takahashi (Tokyo)  
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