16th Tokyo-New York
Friendship Ceramic Competition

Competition Results

Grand Prize: Mika Sato, Tokyo "Hiwalani"
1st Prize: Pablo E. Osorio, New York "Yin Yan"
2nd Prize: Rouska Valkova, New York "Manipulation of Material – 1 Group"
Third Prize: Sawami Aoki, New York "Silent Wind"

Honorable Mention:
Doug Navarra, New York "Oribe Duet"
Sandi Fellman, New York "Gold and thunder cloud bowl"
Nancy Cameron, New York "Three-Part Invention"

People's Award: Daine di Mauro, New York "Spotted Quale"


Ceramic Artist Friendship Association, Inc. (CaFa) is proud to announce the 16th Tokyo-New York Friendship Ceramic Competition for the year 2016!

CaFa was organized in 1996 to further the cultural ties between the sister cities of New York and Tokyo by encouraging and honoring the creativity of their clay artists. All ceramists from New York and Tokyo are invited to enter the competition.

Round trip ticket to Japan from All Nippon Airways.
Cash award for first place winner from Gallery Saika.
In addition, second & third place awards,
People's Award and various honorable mentions.

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14th Tokyo-New York Friendship Ceramic Competition is supported by: